7 January 2010 44.6 F

We now have a cold front. We are even anticipating snow on Friday. Not that it will stick. We are in Florida for Pete’s sake~! The holidays have come and gone. What a great season! Lots of love to go around. And here we are in 2010. Wow~! Cold, but awesome. New friends, new diet, new year. The first day of 2010 was a very steady and clensing rain. Rumor has it that, when it rains the first day of the new year, the year is supposed to be a good year! Full of positive energy. I look forward to watching it unfold.

The last several weeks have been a bit odd for me. I must be in one of those midlife crises, or some type of 7 year change. Things I never liked are suddenly becoming more tolerable. I am feeling quite feminine as of late. I am a girl, but a tomboy. Always have been. Pink to me is like the plague. Now I have a certain proclivity for that ‘girlie’ color. Weird. I have also found a new perspective on things. I figure I should investigate further. I also have expanded my tastes in reading material. I have one of those coveted Kindles by Amazon.com, and I have been downloading a myriad of genres instead of my routine thrillers. Could 38 being a stepping stone in the quest for the meaning of life? Perhaps. Maybe I am just developing a larger penchant for broadening my perspective. For some reason, maybe incorrectly, I assumed that as one ages, their taste for things narrow. I must have deduced that the older you get, the more set in your ways one becomes. I am quite energized at the prospect that my tastes are expanding rather then subsiding. Life is good.

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