81 Degrees on 11 November 2009

I am so anticipating the impending ‘cold front.’ Some of you may be dreading it, but down here in the south, a cold front is a welcome event. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the weather here for the most part. Heat and hurricanes included. I just wish that I could feel the crispness in the air. How can one really get in the mood for the impending holiday season without it? Unless you are from Australia~! Moving south was a great idea and the only thing I really miss is the changing of the leaves. Where I am from, the leaves turn colors you can only dream about. The amazing pallate scintillates the senses with every turn during Fall in Pennsylvania. I am adapting well to the new colors I see. The blues and greens of the ocean, the reds and oranges of the fish, and even the greys of the shark, manatee, and manta rays.

I am sure many of you are wishing it were 81 degrees today, and I say, it is always 81 somewhere. I, too, envied those southerners that relished in the warmth while I froze in the north. But now I am looking back over that fence longing for the crispness of the north. While I am pleased that I have started my family in the south, I think most people long for their hometowns once they move away. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Today, despite the minutae on the weather, is Veterans’ Day. I never realized the importance of this day until my soldier went away to Iraq and fought for this country. How sad is that? I wonder how many of you do not realize the magnitude of the sacrifices made by our men and women of this country? I am sure those of you with a soldier in your life realize it, but many of us do not until it hits home. So to all the veterans and their familes, I salute all of you!

Lastly, I must share with all of you the weirdest theory on how I figured Stonehenge was built. Oddly enough, it came to me today. I have never heard of this theory, but this is it. I figured that the early settlers in the area dug holes and slid each of the large stones in the holes. Then they placed the top pieces over the top portions of the stones to form the top. Then they removed the dirt around it. Very crazy, but just a bizzare theory. I figured you could laugh for a moment

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