Dancing Avocado Kitchen 12 February 2010

Date night. We had the most fabulous evening. A local church in our community, which we do not belong to, had the most creative idea for Valentine’s Day. They have a group for the young girls in the congregation called the Girls of Grace. They do various things around the community to help others. This month, the group held a private dinner for those in the congregation, friends, and others. It was by invitation only. Our dear friends, the Pastor of said church and his wife, gave us this invitation to have a date night. They offered to watch the kids and sent us on our way. What a fabulous and thoughtful thing to do~!

Many of us, too easily, get caught up in the daily rituals of our own lives, we rarely deviate from our comfort zone. Tonight, we deviated. This evening proved not only a great meal, great conversation, and great fun, but a greater sense of appreciation of others in the community. Our dining companions we met only this evening. All aspects of this dining experience were carried out by the ‘Girls of Grace.’ The food was perfect, ambiance fantastic, and everything down to the heart-shaped croutons was planned with forethought. Words cannot epitomize the renewed appreciation of the human race.
Whatever is going on outside in the world today, is usually met with cynicism. Most people are very self-absorbed and have lost faith in others. Not I. Not today. I had become so jaded by the general consensus of people as self-centered that I forgot how wonderful they are. The owner of this eating establishment, Dancing Avocado Kitchen, donated his restaurant to this cause. He provided everything to the church group and allowed them to impart a gratis five course meal. A date night for Valentine’s Day.

What did you do today? For me, it was something down the proverbial ‘Road Less Traveled.’ I’ll be sure to explore that road more often~!

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