Orthodontia (Originally Posted 10.19.09)

Wow, what a money maker! Today is the day I find out how much money is to be made through orthodontia. Please don’t get me wrong, my kids always come first. I cannot complain, my kids are pretty healthy and cost effective. They do not wear anything but undies or PJs if allowed. I only insist on wearing clothes any time they walk out of the house and if someone comes over. The oldest claims this saves on laundry, somehow I do not buy it! It seems that with a household of 4, laundry is the main course. The younger one insists that he lives his life in PJs. I call him Little Hef. He does not yet know the meaning of that name, however, he is a boy and will soon understand who Mr. Hefner is. Getting back to the topic at hand, orthodontia. Back in my day, getting braces was a curse. A travesty only compounded by some wacky headgear needed to be worn at night. On top of that, the retainer, the dreaded apparatus that is the bane of one’s existence for several months after the metal is removed. I, myself, have not endured the pain nor the embarrassment of such cosmetic enhancements, but I am sure at one time or another I have uttered the dreaded ‘brace face’ to some poor soul who just was trying to improve himself. What surprises me now is the excitement of metal to a kid. My oldest seems to be excited about the impending yearlong process. He promises to wear the appropriate items at the appropriate times. He promises to endure this in order to get ‘colored’ braces. I think this is actually refreshing. I am not sure he is totally aware of this process, but he claims that he is. I do know that he is quite self-conscience about his slight crossbite and his spacing issues, but to actually be excited about this….WOW~! I am so pleased that his maturity at this age seems to better many people my age. I would be less than pleased with it at his age. So we play the waiting game. 6 months until the event. Doc wants to wait for the canines to erupt and, in my opinion, to give us time to save for this endeavor. What I cannot fathom, is the difference that 20 years can make. When he was informed of his need to wear glasses, he jumped at the idea to pick out his frames. I guess we are evolving to be a more patient and tolerant bunch of folks. And this is in our youth. 8 is a funny age, maybe I need to do it again. However, I would like to do it for a lot less than $3,ooo~!

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