Trying to compose a blog is much harder that one may think.  One can either have nothing to say or, in my case, have too much to say.  So in the interest of my readers, I want all 4 of you (lol), to send me things you would like me to talk about.  Tell me what aspect of my life, what view, or what question you would like answered.  This could be a fun project.  Would you like pictures included?  G rated of course.  What funny story can be shared, what hearfelt moment expressed?  In order to do this without causing much hassle to you, the reader, post a comment or even email me at  Giving out my real email address is a big jump here, but isn’t that what writing is about?   Taking a leap, extending one’s boundaries?

I will continue to blog about the everyday conundrums and happy stories of my world, but perhaps with a little help from you, my stories can serve you, the reader.

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