While out driving on Monday, I encountered what I believe to be sheer madness. As the day wore on, the madness continued. Approaching an intersection, not even a tenth of a mile from my home, the first madman refused to merge. No problem, some people weren’t meant to drive. Sauntering along, the next unhinged driver thinks it is his/her right to drive and weave at speeds reaching 65 mph. Mind you, the limit is 40. Driving a Volkswagen has privileges. Not even a mile away from my home, the next person to come along has the right to cut people off. VW and #3 almost crash due to their need for speed. This day is young. Approaching the 2 mile mark is uneventful. Maybe those 3 are it for the day.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, approaching the destination only 6 miles away, no more erratic drivers. Sitting in the dentist chair allows time for reflection. Curiosity gets the better if me. What is so important about driving like Mario Andretti? Why do people find the need to text, dial, apply makeup, and even read the paper while operating a 3000 pound moving vehicle? Our society has become very impatient. With the invention of time saving goods has actually made society more impatient.

Not too long ago we actually had to use a map, a pay phone, and we also used our vocal chords. Now many people hardly look away from the QWERTY keyboard to communicate with someone less than 5 feet away. Technology is very much a part of life. Accepting it makes for a better lifestyle in some, if not most, cases. Somehow in the mix of efficiency society is evolving away from personal interaction. Patience is lost. Time becomes more precious as more tasks are included in each day.

Feeling better and realizing the need for these people to impart their Earnhardt like driving on our city roads, the dentist chair is vacated. Back in the car for a 6 mile trip seems like it would be easy. Again with the idiot drivers. One who is texting, one who is dialing, and the handicap tagged vehicle who needs to approach the interstate at 50 miles per hour. Is there a free pound of twenties along the road? Back to the task at hand. The driver who is in the far left hand lane who decides to get off at the exit on the right within yards of it. Apparently the cars on 95 do not exist. This nearly causes us to become very friendly with the vehicle in front of us due to the severity of his braking.

Back in the city, a city of less than 65k, more erratic drivers begin to come out of their cages. The incessant horn blower, the turn signal optional party, and even the ‘I really like you so I want to ride your bumper’ person. How much of this can one take?

Next stop a parking lot of an eating establishment. This is a pit stop for us. A break from the extreme driving competition we involuntarily became a part of. Some of those people need to stop as well. The Subaru driver thinks that parking between two straight lines is not for him. He wants to somehow slip the car in to the space at an angle. Then a woman driver, on the phone, is unable to park. By her expression she is unsure of how to handle this. Perhaps she needs to find another space, but hope is that she uses her supersized SUV makes mince meat out of the Subaru. Only in dreamland.
Finally I realize why people are so impatient. Why people have no desire to communicate or even venture from the laptop they so need to tote everywhere. They are trying to zone out from the madness. They are hiding from this evolution of impatience. They find safety in the laptop, texting phone, and what not. What they do not realize is that this shouldn’t be done from the driver’s seat~!

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  • Anon Ymousmie Says:


    First my dear Mo,

    I am quite sure that Mario Andretti does not text, dial, apply makeup, and even read the paper while operating a 3000 pound moving vehicle. He may drive rather quickly but in a manner that you don’t even realize that he is there… Been there witnessed it myself… He is smoooooth and moves stealthily about at high speed and does not create undue stress on others on the road. He is a more responsible person and driver than you give him credit for. He saves his bravado for the race track… at least he did before he retired.

    Now Earnhardt, the departed senior version, probably fit that description…
    as a result he did, justifiably meet his end while driving but ironically driving in a more civilized fashion than he had displayed for many years before. Funny how karma does not forget and gets even with you in the end. Or maybe to some it is sad but karma is karma.

    If madness is so abundant, perhaps what you perceive as madness is the norm and you are in fact the oddball.?¿?¿?¿? Get with it girl! get in the car and run someone off the road… It will do the soul good. ;>)

    You wouldn’t be the first NE blond oddball to inhabit Florida – that is if you are in fact an oddball.

    Airbags and all the other NAZI protective gear in today’s cars isn’t there because people were not self-destructive, careless, aloof, inattentive, etc…

    Accepting the new technologies may provide more productivity for people but I do not subscribe to the idea which you suggest, that it adds to a “better lifestyle”.
    Just as you point out – it actually leads to a more dangerous lifestyle in the name of efficiency.
    I have to go with the idea that “more dangerous” is “not better.”

    Funny thing, efficiency. I often hear it stated that many whom accept and embrace these new technologies do so for the betterment of their efficiency.

    Think of this… we are efficient if we can reduce the time, money, effort, etc. expended to accomplish our goal. But, let me ask you this… When attempting to be more efficient, especially when using these new technologies, we injure or kill ourselves or someone else along the way… in the end not accomplishing our original goal… Is this efficiency? I don’t think so… not unless your original plan included the killing or maiming that took place.

    People are not “hiding” nor “finding safety” in the use of the new tech. The fact is that people basically don’t think about what they do… They just do what others do. The vendors of new-tech dangle these new abilities before us and know that we will be enticed and not really think about it. Plus you know that everybody wants to be the first or have the best to show up all that know them. People are sheep and are now hurriedly following each other to the edge of the cliff and jumping off just like the one before them.

    The state of today’s world and especially life in the USA shows this rather dramatically.
    Just look around you. I suspect that you do and are very aware of the current state of society.
    It is very sad, don’t you think?

    I am proud to see you are so observant but I ask.. What are you doing about it.

    I would love to chat with you again sometime but I will never text you nor anyone else.

    My phone does not even have the ability to text.

    I may have become a crotchety old man but…

    I don’t text

    I don’t do Facebook

    I don’t twit with twitter. Twitter is for twits.

    I don’t Pinterest

    I don’t snap chat

    I don’t take photos with a telephone, I have a camera for that thank you very much.
    as a matter of fact my phone does not have a camera in it.

    I don’t have smoke detectors in my home. Law be damned. If I am irresponsible enough or just plain unlucky then I deserve to burn to death if my home burns.

    I don’t drive a car with airbags. My old car with seat-belts will do just fine, thank you.

    I like to think that I am not one of the ones causing the carnage of which you speak on the roads we drive and I profess to drive with a keen awareness of what is going on so as to be self preserving – while I drive when driving, I don’t do the above.

    I am on LInked-in but I wish I hadn’t joined. It happened in a moment of weakness or disillusionment. But then again, the upside is finding you again.

    So at this point if you read all the above, you should be wishing that this forum did not allow replies. I’m done for now.

    It truly would be nice to chat with you again sometime to catch up… maybe it will happen and maybe it won’t.

    Let’s see what fate does about that.

    Best Regards, Be Well, God Bless

    PS.. do you happen to know where I can get a copy of Sting – The Singles?
    I think that is the title.. It has been so long since I have seen a copy that I am a bit unsure of the name. Even a copy would be nice if you know anyone that makes pirated copies.

    • maureenjacobs Says:

      Wow! What a way to ask for a CD back!

      Seat belts do leave scars, as you may well know.

      Hope life is treating you well.

    • maureenjacobs Says:

      One more thing, if you have some type of music account, I would be more than willing to replace your copy.

      • Mie Says:

        don’t know what you mean by a “music account” but I am not really worried about the cd… I was just giving you a hint to who messaged you.
        I hope you are having a wonderful life… Be well… God Bless you and Yours, Mario

        • maureenjacobs Says:

          Life is wonderful here in Daytona Beach. The Firecracker 500 is today. This year marked my 18 year anniversary to a man I adore. We have two beautiful boys and I am thankful for my good fortunes. (Not money). Life has taught me so much as have my past experiences. I married a soldier and he is currently in Law enforcement.

          I do hope your life has been equally good and know that despite the years, my memories never fade. I always look back on our days as a “crew” fondly. I still mention the crazy stuff you and G would do.

          I am always here,


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