The Settlers of Catan

Welcome to my new addiction…..The Settlers of Catan.  It is a board game, popular in Europe, that my son recieved for a gift.  Many of my friends know that I am a computer gamer and like to play those wonderful online, clan based, team play, military shoot them up games.  My latest love is Battlfield 2, Bad Company. 

Well, that was until I played the game of Catan.  The game is sort of like a turn based strategy game with people trying to gain a hold on resources and settle on lands.  There are not shooters, and this is strictly a game played with others in order to earn Victory Points.  Once the player earns a certain number of points, then viola, they win.  I have been playing this game for about a month or so online and no outcomes of the game are the same.  You can win or lose, but the way you play the game is always different.  Now, the fun part, there are a multitude of versions of this base game.  Multicatan, thus far, is my favorite.  It involves 6 people starting from their own islands.  They are to seek out new land as well as seek out the other players.  It is quite fun and I highly suggest this game.  It really makes you think. 

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