Where is Fall?????

As a Pennsylvanian native, I always looked forward to the colorful shades of fall. The latest fashion catalogues filled with sweaters, coats, and boots. The slight crisp in the air of the upcoming colder weather…..

Well, the south does not work that way. September not only brings us more of the same heat, extreme heat, but it brings us something more….hurricanes. I am not complaining about the hurricanes, nor am I upset about the heat; I just want my body to stop anticipating the lovely season of fall! For some reason, unbeknownst to me, my body begins to get this itch. It seems to sense that, despite living in the south for over 12 years that the sweaters need to come out. The fashion world still advertises these scrumptious sweaters, comfy coats, and bitchin’ boots. (Dare I use an 80’s term?)

Do they not know that here in the south it is the salty surf shorts, sporty sunglasses, and the ever so trendy funky flip flops?

But I digress….My body really seems to think it lived back in Pennsylvania. It still goes outside looking for the smell of leaves burning, the sounds of band practice, the hint of a crisp breeze and the feel good weather begging for the outdoor activities only a southerner can truly appreciate.

Which now leads to the question of how adaptable are we really? If we are able to evolve in order to withstand differences in climates as well as environments, then why does the body feel the need to prepare for the winter, formerly experienced by cold and snow in the north, to one that never really comes in the south? And, by the way, why is the holiday of Christmas always expressed with Santa in his sleigh? We all know that that Santa would not survive Florida in that suit, even in the winter months.

As the days get shorter, and the local football events begin, it really will never feel like the Traditional Fall my body yearns for. However, I know that I will not be shoveling snow this year and I suppose that is one thing I know that I will never miss.

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