Chatter from the Tent….

Well, the kids wanted an impromptu campout. As I type this, I am snuggled up in my Slanket and my sleeping bag with my boys right beside me. Cold weather is a precious commodity in Florida. Last night the projected temperature was to be in the upper 40s. So backyard camping we went. Of course with all the luxuries of home…..laptop, Nintendo DS, etc. Laying out here reminds me of the wonderful fall of home that I miss. Sleeping with nature actually puts a spin on your sleep. You have so many sounds that normally are not in your abode. I cannot wait to go camping in Ocala with the sounds of silence reverberating in my ears. The best part of last night’s ‘camping trip’ was waking up to the sound of water droplets on the rain fly. I could do this more often than I initially thought as the fresh air infused my lungs with new energy.

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