Living in a city where the sale of fireworks is permitted, I find it rather cool.  But, there is a hitch.  If you purchase these legally sold fireworks in Daytona Beach, you sign a waiver stating you will not deploy said fireworks in the city of Daytona Beach.  Hello!!!  What type of madness is this?  You can purchase but not deploy fireworks.  What does the city think I am going to do with these fireworks?  Where can I use them?  I don’t see anyone purchasing fireworks,signing the waiver, and stashing them in their closet. 

While trying to sort this dichotomy, I am hearing and seeing fireworks up and down my street.  Did these consumers sign the magic waiver?  I think not.  As my dog cowers and pushes into my rib cage, I ask myself who is checking these “waivers?”  How does one ensure that those legally purchased are going out of the city to enjoy the fanfare they spent a week’s paycheck on?

The questions have no answers, I understand that, however it is one more thing that is floating through my mind on this wonderful Fourth of July.

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