Making Sense in a Senseless Situation

Waking up in the middle of the night with a banging migraine, I couldn’t return to slumber.  When this happens I grab my iPad to check what is going on in the world.  Usually it is more of the day’s events with the latest “experts” weighing in.  Last night was far different.  As I check my various news outlets, my heart breaks.  Instead of finding more Hilary shenanigans, the news was centered in Dallas, Texas.  Of course you already know the travesty that occurred there.  What concerned me is how far is this going to go.  We have experienced too many tragedies in recent times and regardless of the perpetrators, we cannot seem to be peaceful.  Life is full of possibilities and we cannot be human about it.  There are misguided people in the world.  Let’s avoid resorting to violence, bullying, and division of communities.  Instead, look to cohesion.  Civil discourse is fine and can be rather productive.  The latest situations have really exceeded the boundaries of collective discussions.  As a civilized society, many look to us for guidance.  We are failing miserably.  While I can never fully understand the experiences of others, I try and look at their plight with empathy.  There will always be good and evil, but to live in constant strife is unhealthy.  Mistakes are made, some are irreversible.  The one thing I can hope for is some semblance of responsibility to each other and our shortcomings.  Instead of anger or hate, funnel that energy into truly making a difference.  The lives disrupted by these heinous acts only reverberate each time they occur.  How long must we live in fear?  When will it be safe to enjoy a public event?  I can only hope that we can begin by moving forward without revenge.  Perhaps start trusting more, not judging others, enjoying our differences, and learning something valuable by our past errors. No one is perfect or better than another.  Accept those things and try to better yourself.  Everything begins with you.  

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