Jul 8 2016

Making Sense in a Senseless Situation

Waking up in the middle of the night with a banging migraine, I couldn’t return to slumber.  When this happens I grab my iPad to check what is going on in the world.  Usually it is more of the day’s events with the latest “experts” weighing in.  Last night was far different.  As I check my various news outlets, my heart breaks.  Instead of finding more Hilary shenanigans, the news was centered in Dallas, Texas.  Of course you already know the travesty that occurred there.  What concerned me is how far is this going to go.  We have experienced too many tragedies in recent times and regardless of the perpetrators, we cannot seem to be peaceful.  Life is full of possibilities and we cannot be human about it.  There are misguided people in the world.  Let’s avoid resorting to violence, bullying, and division of communities.  Instead, look to cohesion.  Civil discourse is fine and can be rather productive.  The latest situations have really exceeded the boundaries of collective discussions.  As a civilized society, many look to us for guidance.  We are failing miserably.  While I can never fully understand the experiences of others, I try and look at their plight with empathy.  There will always be good and evil, but to live in constant strife is unhealthy.  Mistakes are made, some are irreversible.  The one thing I can hope for is some semblance of responsibility to each other and our shortcomings.  Instead of anger or hate, funnel that energy into truly making a difference.  The lives disrupted by these heinous acts only reverberate each time they occur.  How long must we live in fear?  When will it be safe to enjoy a public event?  I can only hope that we can begin by moving forward without revenge.  Perhaps start trusting more, not judging others, enjoying our differences, and learning something valuable by our past errors. No one is perfect or better than another.  Accept those things and try to better yourself.  Everything begins with you.  

Jul 4 2016


Living in a city where the sale of fireworks is permitted, I find it rather cool.  But, there is a hitch.  If you purchase these legally sold fireworks in Daytona Beach, you sign a waiver stating you will not deploy said fireworks in the city of Daytona Beach.  Hello!!!  What type of madness is this?  You can purchase but not deploy fireworks.  What does the city think I am going to do with these fireworks?  Where can I use them?  I don’t see anyone purchasing fireworks,signing the waiver, and stashing them in their closet. 

While trying to sort this dichotomy, I am hearing and seeing fireworks up and down my street.  Did these consumers sign the magic waiver?  I think not.  As my dog cowers and pushes into my rib cage, I ask myself who is checking these “waivers?”  How does one ensure that those legally purchased are going out of the city to enjoy the fanfare they spent a week’s paycheck on?

The questions have no answers, I understand that, however it is one more thing that is floating through my mind on this wonderful Fourth of July.

Aug 12 2011

Summertime…and the Livin’ is Easy ♫ ♪

Waking up before the kids this morning, I have been tending to some much needed chores. Not your everyday chores, but the ones that need to be done regardless of the desire to do so. One such chore is waxing the cars. The Florida heat can really do a number on the paint job. Instead of waxing the car once a year, it ends up being done at least 3 times, preferably 4 times. Evidently, getting up early in the morning during this oppressive heat wave is not early enough. This brings me inside to diligently scribe my latest blog post.

Unlike many folks in the US, I am afforded the luxury of being a ‘stay at home’ mom. Before all of the Gloria Steinem fans scream that I am pushing the movement back 40 years, realize that this is working for us. Having me home with the children, in my opinion, is bringing us back to the importance of our family and how being home makes them better children. I realize many of those parents out there cannot afford to stay home, but I can assure you, it does come with sacrifice. I am not out shopping every day with the money my husband makes. Instead, I am scrimping, saving, allocating, and pulling off some creative finance management. Mind you, it isn’t as hard as you think. It is all about priorities.

Now comes the best part of all it. The time to be me. The time to devote to our family far outweighs my need to own a Porsche. Trust me, if someone hands me the keys to a 911, I will be more than happy to accept, but since I have a better chance of meeting Elvis at my front door, the idea is moot.

One thing I have discovered while not working in the conventional way is the fact that I can make money at home. Is it MLM, or Avon, or Amway, or Ponzi schemes? No, it is simply finding my niche and embracing it. I am not the most social person in the world, however, ask some of my friends during my single days and they will reply differently, but I have met some amazing people via the internet. I never thought in a million years that you could meet people and connect so readily on the net. I mean, I knew you could, but I thought most were scammers and/or #twitterinvaders. Being a wife of a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) and also growing up very street smart, I am very wary of the motives of people. I am not paranoid, however, I like to be very sure of whom I deal with and make sure that they are kosher. This summer has been quite the learning experience and it far outweighs the daily grind. Being home makes my Summertime Easy.

With only a little over a week until school starts, I can relax. Then, I take over my next job, homeschooling mom to 2 boys.

Jul 6 2011

The Verdict Heard Around the World

As we sat in shock yesterday afternoon during the reading of the verdict in the Casey Anthony Case, a plethora of questions began to flow. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Is the jury blind? And ultimately, What is in store for the future since anyone can get away with murder?

With social media having a HUGE impact on the course of this trial and the advantages of the internet being at our fingertips, how can anyone not have an opinion?

Considering my strong views and my eagerness to impart them without request, I still maintain that the verdict, thought not maybe what we wanted, was rendered according to the law. The law requires ‘reasonable doubt’, which is easy to do. The law currently states that in the United States, juries must be instructed to apply the reasonable doubt standard when determining the guilt or innocence of a criminal defendant, but there is much disagreement as to whether the jury should be given a definition of “reasonable doubt.” What may be reasonable to you or I may not be reasonable to others. To set a threshold to where that doubt begins and ends is perhaps something we need to address.

Another problem with the current system is that we see everything. Every detail is released to the public is something to add to our ‘evidence bin.’ We, as the public, are privy to information that far exceeds the amount of information that the jury sees. In essence, we cannot render a fair verdict under the current law of reasonable doubt.

The reason that the verdict touched us so very much is because an innocent child, defenseless and unaware, had the life taken from her. What brings us together as humans is the empathy we feel for the family and the shock at the possibility that anyone, even a mother, could possibly take the life of a child. The justice system does not always work; however, the fact that someone can murder or be a part in the death of another is unfathomable.

During these past several weeks, thanks to Twitter, I have forged new friendships and met others that share my grief and wonder. I feel as though this trial has been a learning experience in life in general. It taught me that despite the ugly truths of life and death, there is always a layer of positive to be garnered. For that, I am thankful.

May the memory of Miss Caylee Anthony live on in all of us.

Jun 13 2011

Tiger Bay State Forest in Photos

Dec 5 2010

Chatter from the Tent….

Well, the kids wanted an impromptu campout. As I type this, I am snuggled up in my Slanket and my sleeping bag with my boys right beside me. Cold weather is a precious commodity in Florida. Last night the projected temperature was to be in the upper 40s. So backyard camping we went. Of course with all the luxuries of home…..laptop, Nintendo DS, etc. Laying out here reminds me of the wonderful fall of home that I miss. Sleeping with nature actually puts a spin on your sleep. You have so many sounds that normally are not in your abode. I cannot wait to go camping in Ocala with the sounds of silence reverberating in my ears. The best part of last night’s ‘camping trip’ was waking up to the sound of water droplets on the rain fly. I could do this more often than I initially thought as the fresh air infused my lungs with new energy.

Nov 15 2010

Tis’ the Season

It is the time of the year when the holidays come back to back to back. Are you wondering if your sanity will be intact by the end of the season? Observing the myriad of shoppers and the plethora of grocery store promotions, one wonders if the season preparations are worth the hype.
The unofficial fall/winter holiday season starts with the pumpkins and candy. I am sure that the dentists and candy manufacturers invented this holiday. They needed to replenish their bank accounts after the summer vacation season. Don’t believe the ‘usual’ roots of this tradition. It is all hogwash.

Next we celebrate the Feast of Thanksgiving here in the United States. Now I know for sure that between this and the entire holiday season, the gyms, and the diet companies up their stock at this point in the game. I find that spending 1 week prepping, cooking, cleaning, and getting ready for this huge meal only to eat your meal within an hour is a bit of overkill. I always hear the same thing during this holiday, ‘if you are going to cook a turkey, you might as well buy the biggest one you can find!’ I fall in to that trap every year. If you really wish to add stress to the Thanksgiving holiday, you get to go out the next day and shop at 3 am. On the other hand, it could be a good thing; maybe you can shop away those calories eaten the day before.

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, many people find themselves in a whirlwind of activity for their respective holidays. Regardless of what you celebrate, if at all, you are stuck trying to complete the every week tasks of grocery shopping and perhaps some other needs. Ringing bells, holiday music, and sparkling lights flood our senses. Aromatic baking and food preparation infiltrate every olfactory nerve within radius.
Moms truly know the reasons for this ‘sensory overload.’ It is about the family, the kids, and the memories. The smiles on their faces tell you that it is all worth it.

Sep 7 2010

The Settlers of Catan

Welcome to my new addiction…..The Settlers of Catan.  It is a board game, popular in Europe, that my son recieved for a gift.  Many of my friends know that I am a computer gamer and like to play those wonderful online, clan based, team play, military shoot them up games.  My latest love is Battlfield 2, Bad Company. 

Well, that was until I played the game of Catan.  The game is sort of like a turn based strategy game with people trying to gain a hold on resources and settle on lands.  There are not shooters, and this is strictly a game played with others in order to earn Victory Points.  Once the player earns a certain number of points, then viola, they win.  I have been playing this game for about a month or so online and no outcomes of the game are the same.  You can win or lose, but the way you play the game is always different.  Now, the fun part, there are a multitude of versions of this base game.  Multicatan, thus far, is my favorite.  It involves 6 people starting from their own islands.  They are to seek out new land as well as seek out the other players.  It is quite fun and I highly suggest this game.  It really makes you think. 

So check it out at http://www.catan.com/.

Sep 7 2010


What a summer!  I have been inundated with so many things!  But it is now time to get back to my fall/winter schedule.  For those 2 people who read my blog, apologies are in order.  I have no excuse other than sheer neglect.

I promise you two that I will be more timely on my posts…..until then, au revoir!

Mar 22 2010

Stomach Flu


Be back online with blog ASAP~!